We take important steps to ensure that it is done right the first time, and our unique procedures help create a great experience...
STEP 1 Before you have narrowed down your contractors of choice, we would like to first of all make sure you fully understand all  aspects of our estimate and pricing by providing as many details as we can and answering every last question.  We also like to encourage our potential customers to not only look through our portfolio (either online or during the estimate) but to also take a brief tour of some of our local work already completed that may relate to the type of project they are looking for. For any landscapes visible from the street, we provide numerous addresses and for those in backyards, we are more than happy to take you on a tour ourselves.  We also have many local references of whom would be glad to answer any questions and tell you about their experience with Superior Stone. STEP 2 Once we/you have completed step one and have selected us as your company of choice, we then finalize our tentative start and end date, review every last detail and then sign the contract.  We sometimes require a small deposit depending on the size and scale of the job and material involved.  However in most cases, the deposit isn't accepted until the day the project starts and shovels go in the ground. STEP 3 Alright!  So today is the start of our newest project, being your landscape.  We will meet once more before or on the start day of the job to establish that you, the customer and us, the contractor are on the exact same page regarding all of the major parts of the job and everything in a written contract.  To accomplish this, we provide a sketch of the job outlining all of the dimensions and make sure that it matches the project outline.  We then start the project and remain at the jobsite until completion and 100% satisfaction! STEP 4 If the project is going to take more than a few days, we constantly stay in touch with  the customer throughout the process to make sure they are happy with our procedure and methods and most importantly the look of what is being installed.  We do our absolute best to make sure the undergoing construction site is always as clean and tidy as possible. Landscaping often presents new ideas or unforeseen circumstances during an installation and in such a case we will always discuss these new ideas or potential changes with you or vice versa before anything is done.  We are always available before, during and after installation to answer all of your questions! STEP 5 When we are nearing the completion of the project, you the customer will be well informed of our last day so that you can be available to see the finished product and make sure you are more than happy before we move on to our next job!  Once you have analyzed the work and given your seal of approval, we then accept your final payment!
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