As a premier custom landscape contractor; Superior Stone offers a truly enjoyable experience in designing and crafting outdoor living spaces for a wide range of clients in Burlington-Oakville and surrounding areas.  Stonework is our expertise; however we also offer landscape lighting, fire features, horticultural design and installation.  Garden beds with carefully chosen trees and plantings are the perfect way to accessorize your newly landscaped home. Front Entranceway’s - Curb Appeal The exterior of your home should reflect your personal style and taste.  Neighbours, visitors and potential homebuyers who are attracted to your homes’ curb appeal will immediately want to know what’s inside!  Whether you are planning on selling your home or staying a life time; improving your homes curb appeal is an excellent investment.  We will help you design a custom entryway that will suit both your preferences and budget. Driveways A stunning driveway should refelct the style and architecture of your home and landscape.  Custom interlocking driveways can offer bold and detailed design that will provide a striking appearance to your home.  From accent paving stones, to complete cobblestone; we will be happy to introduce you to the many options in materials and designs.  Outdoor Living Space Embrace the seasons and the outdoors by creating a comfortable space for you, your facmily and guests to enjoy.  Make your backyard a weekend or evening destination with a built in BBQ, fireplace or even some landscape lighting.  Together, we will design an outdoor space that will reflect your backyards’ natural beauty and your personal style and taste.  We will create an outdoor living space that will be both beautiful and functional! Professional Garden Design and Planting Allow us to offer our knowledge and experience to help you design and build a beautiful garden to compliment your landscape.  With our plant knowledge, passion for garden design and trends, let us help you complete your backyard oasis with perfectly lush gardents! Pool Surrounds Let’s face it; most of us spend more hours around the pool than in the pool.  At Superior Stone, we will build new pools or help you to restore your existing pool’s surround.  In addition to beauty, a pool surround can provide increased safety and functionality.  Smooth coping stones around your pools’ edge will make more comfortable entry and exit.  A beautiful and functional landscape surrounding your pool will help you and your guests enjoy many more hours of poolside conversations, meals and relaxation.  There are many materials to choose from when building a pool surround; most commonly a paving stone or a natural stone is used to accent the hues in your pool and the features surrouding it.  In addition to living spaces around the pool, we can work with you to design custom water or light features as well.
What we Offer...
It’s all about the attention to even the smallest of details, day in and day out! We offer the services that we KNOW and we do BEST. A jack of all trades is a master of none! If we can’t do it, we won’t tell you that we can. Instead we’ll work closely with our recommended professional tradesmen to offer you the complete package!
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